Daryl is a writer, performer, videographer and editor. Born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, he relocated to London, England to follow his ambitions. He brings energy and grit to his creative endeavours, having worked on short films, documentaries and music videos.

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Frank McKay: The Sexiest Actor in the World (Short Film, Comedy) – Writer, Director, Editor

Dancing Moon (Music Video) – 1st AD

Nominal Speech (Short Film, Satire) – Writer, Director, Performer, Editor

Young Man’s Old Man (Documentary) – Presenter, Director, Editor

The Phantom Egotist (Short Film, Horror) – Writer, Director, Editor, VFX Artist

The Alpha Project (Documentary) – 1st AD

Open Up (Short Film, Drama) – Writer, Director, Editor

In the Future, There will be Robots (Short Film, Sci Fi)  – Writer, Director, Editor

Reporting Live (Short Film, Drama) – 1st AD

The Fellowship of Theo (Short Film, Comedy) – Writer, Director, Performer, Editor

A Conversation with my Addiction (Short Film, Comedy) – Writer, Director, Editor

Civil Protection: The Tunnel (Short Film, Horror) – Editor

Mercury (Music Video) – Runner

NotNews (Web Series, Comedy) – Writer, Director, Performer

The Last Debate of Scotland (Short Film, Comedy) – Director, Editor

On The Twelfth Day (Short Film, Comedy) – Director, Animator, Editor

For a further list of works and experience, see my CV.

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