Writer, videographer, editor, journalist, performer and all-around thespian.

Currently an indy filmmaker and video journalist at Reach PLC.

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WRITER & performer


Frank McKay: The Saddest Actor in the World (Short Film) – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

I Can’t Get Out of Bed (Orchestra Concert) – Producer, Videographer

Climate Change is NotNews! (Comedy) – Writer, Performer, Producer, Editor

Young Man’s Old Man (Documentary) – Producer, Editor

Dancing Moon (Music Video) – 1st Assistant Director

Civil Protection: The Tunnel (Animation, Horror) – Editor

The Alpha Project (Advertising) – Producer, Videographer, Interviewer

Conservatives v Everyone | NotNews (Comedy) – Writer, Producer, Performer, Editor

Reporting Live (Short Film, Drama) – 1st Assistant Director, VFX Artist

Open Up (Short Film, Drama) – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Nominal Speech (Short Film, Drama) – Writer, Director, Producer, Performer, Editor

In the Future, There will be Robots (Short Film, Sci Fi)  – Writer, Director, Editor

The Phantom Egotist (Short Film, Horror) – Writer, Director, Editor, VFX Artist

On The Twelfth Day (Short Film, Comedy) – Director, Animator, Editor

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